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SAP certification course is focused on financial growth of the modern era, SAP Software is very much efficient for more than 500 industrial firm, all other business software are outdated now a days. To keep running with flow of the industrial standard we need to update our self. SAP is the software that allow us to do multiple task, and it’s combined of all other business software, that’s the reason all other top company use SAP as their main Business software.

We provide the Best SAP certification course

Our industrial standard of sap course is very much high and our faculty for the module is very much efficient and with high end knowledge. Previously our trainer used to teach Tally and all other business software to our student, and after the updating we shift to SAP Software as its very much effective with the modern business era. The high standard and revolution make us fit we all this software and in coming future we will cooperate with all upcoming software and updates. We MicroPro are the best SAP Training institute in and around Kolkata, India. Mainly we focus on the SAP ABAP course and module as it’s a core part of the training so, that we can give the best SAP Certification Course. We can bet that our course module and skill develop class make our student more reliable and perfect.

OUR SAP Course module

Our module of SAP ERP is best among rest. We cover several topic and important topic which is necessary for the Accounting.

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