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For Micro – Pro , the move from Training to Total Solutions has been brisk and an eventual one, having entered the field of computers in 1994, chiefly as a computer training company, Micro – Pro scaled new heights by going into software & hardware marketing. Today Micro – Pro offers solutions in every field of application ranging from vocational training for college students to high end training for corporate and professionals, enterprise software development to ERP/CRM implementations, IT product solution to security surveillance solution, . A prodigious achievement, inspired by the company’s commitment to the customer. Backed by technical excellence and a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals.

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Micropro desires to impart knowledge and training in newer technologies and diverse fascinating fields to young and old, genius and not so intelligent highly educated and not so much educated at reasonable cost. We believe knowledge should be accessible to all. We use advance technology and modern tools to empower every individual. Our mission is to provide a right platform of quality education with affordable fee in computer and Information technology education.

Micropro is strongly committed to provide economic independence in IT sector. We provide quality computer and information technology education with affordable fee through our training institute. We want to fulfill the dreams of the youths in India and contribute to the development for our country. Our vision is to develop human resources to discover and disseminate computer knowledge to extend computer knowledge and its application beyond the boundaries.

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Learning new things is everyone’s dream but finding the right platform is quite difficult. No need to worry about that Micro-pro is the best platform to learn and apply for your dream job. With a wide range of popular courses which will make your job ready just, you are one step ahead. Doing the right course at right time is very much efficient.

In this 21st century without knowing the programing language you can’t move a single step which makes it very much difficult to survive in the corporate sector.  Micropro is the best computer training institute which offers you helpful courses that make you the best to find your suitable job as well as to land in your dream company. Starting from Matlab to Python with MySQL the ranges of courses are very much attractive for IT students. Come and join the course now and build an amazing career in the IT & Technology positions in the top-rated MNC. Just one thing matters the most i.e. the hard work toward grabbing the knowledge with the best industrial training institute will make anyone look quite brilliant. 

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Our institute is your golden ticket to learn information technology and make a promising career and be successful in your respective field.

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