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Creating the software with the best UX will not help you until and unless you purchase the license and published it online. Software is very much essential for company’s management it will help to make a good connectivity with the employee and sound much better. It’s more relevant and useful but without doing that your company’s software will not sound good for your business. With the vast services, we also provide software licensing or license key to help you to get listing your software online and make it legal.


If your company is having well IT infrastructure and Networking then it will become the backbone of your company. But if it’s not present then Micro-pro will help you by providing the best IT infrastructure & Networking service. So that you don’t need to look back with that well enough infrastructure your company will shine like a pro.

The important part of an organization is to make a good enough hardware backup so that the project doesn’t pause and you make the delivery of your project on perfect time. We provide the Best hardware maintenance service at minimum cost.


Securing our home and business is our essential task but nowadays with the rise in crime, it’s become difficult to track, but with the best security surveillance cameras and best live recording it becomes quite easier to do so. CCTV footage is extremely important if by any chance the crime takes place on your premises. But don’t need to worry Micro-pro provides a wide range of CCTV cameras and CCTV installation services. So that you sleep peacefully or go anywhere else without any hesitation.

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