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Staad Pro course

STAAD Pro course is becoming a necessity for civil engineers and architects with the advancement of the world. STAAD pro is a structural analysis and design software. It is widely used in analyzing and designing structures, i.e, buildings, bridges, towers, transportation, industrial and utility structures. Our STAAD pro course is extensively designed for civil engineers, designers, architects, and anyone who has a knack to learn this. It will teach you from the basic concepts to an advanced level and help you master the tool. After finishing the course you will learn structural analysis of RCC buildings, beams and columns detailing, earthquake load application etc. You will have the necessary knowledge of the software and can work as a structural designer or can do the structural design of buildings on your projects.

STAAD PRO Course Syllabus

Module 1:

    • Introduction to structural engineering.
    • Introduction to staad pro v8i.
    • Getting familiar with staad windows.
    • Conception of various cursors.
    • Model generation.

Module 2:

    • Introduction to geometry node and beam editor.
    • Model generation using node and beam editor.
    • Conception of move in geometry and translational repeat.
    • Conception of split beam, merge beam and intersection.
    • Model generation using translational repeat.
    • Model checking by duplicate and colinear members/nodes.
    • Checking Multiple Structure.

Module 3:

    • Assigning properties.
    • Assigning Specifications.
    • Assigning supports.
    • Load generations.
    • Conception of different loads i.e. live load, dead load, wind load & seismic load.

Module 4:

    • Applying floor loads, member loads and others.
    • Editor calculations.
    • Analysis of framed structure.
    • Postprocessing.

Module 5:

    • Dead load calculation.
    • Live load calculation.
    • Wind load calculation.
    • Seismic load calculation.
    • Creating load combinations.

Module 6:

    • Column, Beam and RCC design.
    • Support reaction and ‘Ast’ calculation.

Module 7:

    • Lift room modeling.
    • Conception of Meshing.
    • Shear wall design.
    • Introduction to plates.
    • Bending moment and Shear force diagram generation and values calculation.
    • Design of simply supported, continuous and cantilever beams.
    • Projects overview.

Module 8:

  • Design of Steel Structure.
  • Conception of “Section Database”.
  • Design of slab.
  • Design of foundation.
  • Projects overview.
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