PHP Codeigniter framwork

Category: Software, PHP

Course Details:

PHP course is designed as per industry reuirement to meet the demand of PHP professionals.This course is oriented for web developer aspirants.It will enrich skills on PHP and PHP frameworks to become a successful PHP Developer for all college students and professionals.

In-depth knowledge of core concepts along with framework knowledge will give an edge in I.T. job market.Project based training will help to acquire the knowledge of executing professional job on PHP platform.

Course Syllabus

●Introductionto Code IgniterFrameworkand its installation
● Code IgniterapplicationArchitecture
● Basic concepts ofCode Igniter Framework
● Formvalidation
● IntroductiontoLibraries ofCode Igniter
● Autoload Configuration, Configuring base URL
● CommonFunctions ofCode Igniter
● Cookies andSession Handlingin Code Igniter
● MVC Architecture inCode Igniter
● File Uploadingand Email interfacing
● Controllers,View,Model
● Routing
● Fetchingdata using Inputclass
● Database Handling in Code Igniter
● Page Caching and PageRedirection
● Code IgniterBenchmarking
● ErrorHandlingin Code Igniter