Core Java

Core Java Training

Category: Software, Java, Software Development, Website Development

Course Details:

Core Java and J2EE course is designed to provide a good foundation for Global Certification Exam on Java and to enrich skills on JAVA to become a successful Java Developer for all college students and professionals.

In-depth knowledge of core concepts along with advanced topics are covered in the course along with project development during the tenure of training.

Course Syllabus

• Introduction to OOPs
• Basics of Java programming language
• Objects and Classes
• Inheritance
• Interfaces
• Packages
• Inner Classes
• Exception Handling
• Multithreading
• Annotation & Reflexion
• String Handling
• Java IO and File Handling
• Serialization
• Collection Framework
• Java Generics
• Swing and Event Handling
• Applets
• Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
• Socket Programming